Brain Drift

I LOVE the brain drift of Christmas/New Year where all there is are leftovers, novels waiting in a giddy pile and a languid summer heat ideal for napping and jigsaws. That has ended a little earlier than usual for me as I am working across January but I’m trying not to let the feeling disappear entirely. I’m in the middle of reading Leaping into Waterfalls: The Enigmatic Gillian Mears after some gentle New York stories by Lily Brett, a favourite author, as well as Piranesi by Susannah Clarke which was winner of the 2021 Women’s Prize for Fiction. I’ve also enjoyed dipping into some fabulous poetry over the festive season, including How to Fly (In Ten Thousand Easy Lessons) by Barbara Kingsolver, Jill Jones’ Wild Curious Air, Cactus by Phillip Hall, Haphazardly in the Starless Night by Hugh McMillan and a number of anthologies that arrived in a whooooosh in late 2021, and in which I am excited to have poems!

These include ‘Afterlife’ and ‘The Fall’ in Poetry for the Planet: An Anthology of Imagined Futures (Litoria Press); ‘The Saddest Things are the Most Beautiful’ in The Newcastle Poetry Prize Anthology and ‘Searching for Goldfish’ in Grieve (both Hunter Writers Centre); ‘Pointillism Workshop at Gootchie, 1976’ in Not Very Quiet; The Anthology (Recent Work Press); and ‘beyond the dark line of trees’ in The Incompleteness Book II: Writing Back and Thinking Forward (Recent Work Press). My grateful thanks to the editors of all these exceptional publications (Julia Kaylock, Denise O’Hagan, Moya Pacey, Sandra Renew, Julia Prendergast, Eileen Herbert-Goodall and Jen Webb) — I feel honoured to be published in among so much writing talent from near and far. Thanks also to poetry editor of Social Alternatives’ special poetry issue ‘Poetry to the Rescue‘, Aidan Coleman who kindly published ‘The Bees’ and ‘Nefertiti and the Nile’. I had a poem — ‘Speed Dating’ in the December issue of The Poets’ Republic (based in Scotland), ‘Oracle’ Published in Plumwood Mountain, and four poems included in Live Encounters Poetry and Writing volume 2 in December 2021 — thanks to Mark Ulyseas for his wonderful curation of this publication.

It was a complete pleasure to launch my good friend Victoria Bladen’s exhibition of original artworks — Zephyr— at the Latrobe Artspace in Paddington on 19 November. Great to be out mask free! Congratulations Vic!

My warmest wishes for 2022! One of my resolutions is to blog more often! XXX

4 thoughts on “Brain Drift

  1. Thanks Jane, some beautiful works in that list. What a year you have had. Brilliant.

    I have just finished a memoir/the amazing adventures of/howthehelldoIlabelthis for a delightful family and hope to springboard from this ‘experiment’.

    A manuscript, historical fiction with a touch of magic realism, based around the 1975 Tasman Bridge disaster is also pestering the desks of a few publishers. But perhaps I mentioned that? The Christmas hiatus always shreds my memory and perhaps sense of time and space. Tuesday? Maybe… Earth? Not the version I used to know lol!

    I am crinkly now, a cross between cranky and wrinkly, terrified of atrophying before I can lose myself in another project…lovingly.

    A creative and energetic wish to you for 2022, Jane.

    Sally ________________________________


    • Hi Sally, thanks for your infectious enthusiasm and fantastic to hear about both your memoir (which sounds intriguing!!) and your manuscript. Congrats! Hope those publishers are dazzled, and that we might be able to meet up in 2022! Wishing you the best year yet, and that creative projects you can love fall into your lap! JX


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